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Dr. David Mitchell

Classical Guitarist and Award Winning Composer

Dr. David Mitchell is a highly accomplished composer, educator, and guitarist renowned for his diverse range of musical compositions. With expertise in writing for both large and small ensembles, as well as interactive electronics and electroacoustic music, his works captivate audiences in live performances. Additionally, Dr. Mitchell has composed original scores for various mediums, including films, video games, promotional ads, and corporate videos. Notably, his talents have been sought after by prestigious organizations such as Hilton Hotels and The Coca Cola Company.

The Composer

Dr. Mitchell's compositions have resonated across the United States and Europe, enchanting audiences with their artistic depth and technical brilliance. His exceptional abilities as a composer have been recognized through numerous competition victories, including the esteemed Olin Parker Composition Competition, Southeastern Composers League Phillip Slate Composition Competition, and The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Composition Competition.

Selected Original Compositions

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